Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Asserts Victims’ Rights

Roswell lawyer fights for full and fair compensation for clients

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, it can be difficult knowing what your next steps are. At Swank Law Group in Roswell, with over 30 years of experience representing the injured, I provide the knowledgeable guidance you need to navigate this difficult time. Whether it was a vehicle accident, a slip and fall incident or another event that caused your injury, my firm will diligently pursue those responsible to get you the compensation you deserve.

Legal counsel offers knowledgeable guidance after auto and truck accidents

Atlanta is notorious for its ongoing traffic problems, which often result in auto accidents. Even if you share the blame in a collision, Georgia’s modified comparative negligence law provides compensation for your injuries as long as the defendant is more responsible than you are for the harm. However, the amount you are entitled to will be reduced by your amount of fault. In trucking accidents, injuries may be particularly catastrophic due to the size of the vehicle, and trucking companies may use several tactics to limit their own liability in order to avoid paying a fair amount. My decades of experience allow me to push back against insurance or big-rig companies’ reluctance to pay injured victims what they are owed. I will help you understand what to expect and vigorously seek a fair settlement or, if it is in your best interests, fight for your recovery in court.

Zealous lawyer aims to hold property owners responsible in slip and fall cases

In Georgia, the owner or occupier of property is liable for injuries caused by failure to exercise ordinary care in keeping their premises safe. Hazardous conditions and other negligence are often to blame for what many people consider to be an accident. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, I can help you preserve crucial evidence and consult expert witnesses in the interest of corroborating your personal injury claim and helping you seek appropriate compensation.

Experienced advocate pursues wrongful death claims

After the negligent or intentional act of another causes a loved one’s wrongful death, the shock of the event can overshadow practical considerations of what the long-term financial effects might be. You may be able to recover not only the costs associated with the accident, the funeral and the loss of support or earning potential, but also compensation for the loss of more intangible things provided by your lost loved one, such as care and companionship. You can rely on my firm to carefully examine the facts and help you recover from the loss as completely as compensation will allow.

Attorney helps clients seek compensation for traumatic brain injuries

Brain injuries are complex medical issues, often with long-lasting residual problems. Even mild traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions, can have consequences that might not be immediately apparent, such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Debilitating headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Memory problems

My firm’s decades of experience will help you understand the full extent of how your injury might affect your life and pursue the complete compensation that you deserve.

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